Finally it's here - an accurate easy way to visualize the right ventricle.

Life is a Breath Away!

Once on a ski trip, I developed a bad cold that went into my chest.  I took some decongestant drugs and went skiing anyway.  On the lower slopes, I had no problems, so I decided to take the lift to the top of the mountain where the snow was deeper and fresher.  About halfway up I started having trouble breathing as my lungs were congested and the air was thinner.  The higher I went the less I could breathe and there was no way to stop going up!  It seemed an eternity until I reached the top and could ski down to lower altitudes and breathe normally again.  It was not a pleasant experience struggling to breathe.
I think about all the millions of people with Pulmonary Hypertension (high-blood pressure on the right side of the heart).  They have trouble breathing, all day, every day, as their lungs are congested with fluid due to the elevated pressure.  There are now three types of drugs that can lower the pressure and help these people to breathe easier, but doctors do not know which one will work best on an individual.  They simply try each kind in series to see the effect.  This process takes months as the only way to measure the pressure on the right side is an invasive risky catheterization.   You can look at the right heart using MRI but these patients cannot lie down for any period of time and holding their breath while the scanning is happening is also very difficult.
Angelo™ overcomes these limitations and allows patients to be followed weekly to determine which medications are best.  The patient will get relief and breathe more easily faster.  We have approval for this application in Europe and Canada and have just submitted for approval in the United States.

January we had the highest usage of Angelo™ ever.  A breath of fresh air for all those people, who have overworked hearts.  With the right drugs, they can take a breather and enjoy the day.


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EXCELLENT Keep up the important work ,

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