APEC Portugal Report

Ventripoint Post-Event Highlights from AEPC 2024 in Porto!

On behalf of the Ventripoint team and our partners, I would like to thank you for your time and for joining us at AEPC 2024 in Porto. It was a pleasure meeting you!

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our exhilarating experience at AEPC 2024, where our advanced AI-powered heart-scanning software, VMS+, became the talk of the conference.

Key Takeaways from AEPC 2024:

  • VMS Strain and Heat Maps: Our demonstrations showcased how VMS+ visualization tools provide unparalleled insights into heart function. The precision and detail of our software impressed cardiologists from around the globe.

  • Automated Plotting of Key Anatomical Landmarks: Attendees experienced firsthand how VMS+ simplifies and enhances cardiac assessments. The elimination of manual plotting streamlines the diagnostic process, increasing accuracy and reliability in volumetric measurements.

Ventripoint: The New Standard in Cardiac Imaging

With VMS+, we are not just following trends – we are setting them. Our technology stood out as a beacon of innovation and practicality, proving that we are at the forefront of medical technology. What sets Ventripoint apart is our unique ability to use “simple” 2D echocardiograms to achieve 3D MRI-quality quantification of heart function. This breakthrough provides clinicians with a cost-effective, accessible, and highly accurate diagnostic tool, significantly enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Next Steps: See VMS+ in Action at Your Hospital

We would love to bring our cutting-edge solutions to your hospital and demonstrate the transformative power of VMS+ in your own department with your patients. Please respond to this email to organize a trial period or demonstration at your center. The first 3 hospitals will receive a large size framed version of our “colorful heart”.

Thank you once again for your interest and the valuable time spent with us at AEPC 2024. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and innovate together.

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd