3D Echo and MRI Software

Shaping the Future of Cardiology

At Ventripoint, we’ve developed a groundbreaking solution that transforms cardiac care through our innovative 3D ECHO and MRI software. Our technology enables clinicians to create detailed 3D models of the heart from standard imaging, providing precise volumetric measurements and ejection fractions quickly and efficiently. Designed with ease of use in mind, our software streamlines the diagnostic process, enhancing patient outcomes by supporting high-volume analysis with minimal training.

Unmatched Ease, Unrivaled Power

VMS+ software can be installed on any personal workstation. Create a 3D model of the heart ‘s chambers with the use of any commercially available 3D echo or MRI images and obtain reproducible and accurate volumetric measurements and ejection fractions.

Our software is designed for ease, accuracy, and speed in cardiac imaging analysis. Easily installed on any personal workstation, it allows for immediate analysis following a cardiac MRI or 3D echocardiogram. We pride ourselves on providing precise measurements for all heart chambers, ensuring reliability even with low-quality images and applicability across all heart conditions in both adults and children. Our rapid analysis supports high patient volumes, facilitating early diagnosis and treatment decisions to improve patient care and outcomes.

Simplified and Guided Workflow

The VMS+ software provides a step-by-step workflow that enables clinicians to perform acquisition and analysis with minimal training.

1. Acquire Images

Import your MRI or 3D echo from your PACS.

2. Place points

Create your 2D images from your 3D volume and place points.

3. Run Calculations

3D model appears in the 3D screen and volumetric measurements and ejection fractions can be reviewed.

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